Sourcebook Of Little Walter / Big Walter

Sourcebook Of Little Walter / Big WalterSourcebook Of Little Walter / Big Walter
In this essential collection for blues harp players, author Tom Ball sets out to discuss, understand and demystify some of the playing of the phenomenal Walters: the legendary Big Walter Horton and Little Walter Jacobs. Includes a sampling of the best licks from each artist’s repertoire, mapped out in easy-to-read harmonica tablature and played on CD by Ball, plus extensive notes on each musician’s style, bios and discographies, rare photos, a bibliography, harmonica basics, notes on amplification and equipment, and much more!

Mundharmonika Noten und CD
Tom Ball Mundharmonika Licks For Blues Harmonica

Super Action für deine Mundharmonika

Super Action für deine MundharmonikaSuper Action für deine Mundharmonika
Hänschen klein * Der Mond ist aufgegangen * Oh when the saints * Freude schöner Götterfunken / Beethoven Ludwig van * WINNETOONS GROOVE * Bruder Jakob * Ihr Kinderlein kommet * Lasst uns froh und munter sein * Hoch soll er Leben * Happy birthday
Noten / Harmonikainstrumente / Mundharmonika
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